Learn to Day Trade Spy Options

Make $200 - $300 per day

Follow along as we started with a $1,000.00 account and add to it daily trading Spy Puts and Calls. The system is easy to learn and can even be traded on your smart phone. Here are the benefits of MY OPTIONS ATM.

  • Minimal Risk
  • No Need to be at a Computer All Day
  • Take Profits $200 - $300 Per Trade
  • ​Easy to Learn
  Inside This FREE E-Book You'll Learn About...

How to Identify a Trade and Spot Momentum for Maximum Profit

The Gap Trade One of the Most Reliable and Profitable Trades for SPY

Why The Open is so Important and How it Sets Up the Day

How to Maximize Profits Using Two Simple Indicators. 
Learn How & When Market Makers Move In and Out of Trades 


Follow along as we call the Trades and more important show you exactly how to follow and take the same Trade and Profit. We keep risk small and take Profits quickly and we are Done for the Day. Most days we are Done in 90 minutes or less.

Infinity Guide to Low Risk Trading
One of the Clearest and Concise Books on Trading and using Technical Analysis. Written by a Trader in his journey thru a Trading World that seemed to just want to sell another Indicator. In the end Price Action, Momentum and Volume Drive Stocks Up or Down and how you can Profit Daily.
  • Why the opening bell is so important. How to spot Momentum and where are they taking the price action to. Momentum is key
  • How to Manage the Trade now that you are in it. Where do you take Profits and the Most Important Aspect of Trading how to manage risk
  • How the European Market sets up a very Profitable Trade daily when it closes and how to get into the Trade


March 16 - March 31 2020 $1,000 to $4,100 in Ten Trading Days


What Our Valuable Clients Say About MY OPTIONS ATM...

Being in Infinity Trade Group has brought me to a better understanding of the Markets. The valuable information of how the Markets move is Priceless with Price Action and Volume Indicators which are always on point. I highly recommend Manny and his knowledge. Now I know where the Stock is going. Thanks for MY OPTIONS ATM.
Richard M
Looking at the Different Trading System this is the First One that we were able to Backtest every Single Trade. To our amazement, the Trades were very clear on where to Buy and Sell. Highly Recommend Infinity Trading Groups MY OPTIONS ATM. This is a Top Caliber Trading System. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Dubai U.A.E
When I first started Trading, I was lost with all the Information that was Online and everyone sending emails with their ideas. Manny taught me to draw the lines and use the indicators to plan and make my own Trades. My Trades now are Precise and Profitable. Thanks for MY OPTIONS ATM. 
Ed D
After seeing the Success Infinity Traders was having trading SPY Options I asked about how they were doing it. Infinity Traders were Gracious enough to answer my questions and do a One-on-One on his time with no pressure to join this Group. Learning MY OPTIONS ATM was the Best Decision for my Trading Career I could have made.
Greg G
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